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TiVo Series3 and JVC receivers throw DRM fit

Darren Murph

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Wouldn't you know it. After paying for anger management sessions to deal with those repetitive delays, finding out it wouldn't work right with your shiny new plasma, and wondering if the thing was even worth the $800 to begin with, we've got yet another reason to pass on TiVo's almost-excellent Series3. If your box hasn't been plagued with issues just yet, we sure hope you aren't the proud owner of a JVC receiver, or you could be facing more of those ever-present DRM snafus. During CNET's testing of the Series3 box with the JVC RX-D702 receiver, things were going perfectly smooth as the TiVo streamed video / audio to the JVC over HDMI, and separate monitors via composite / S-Video -- until they switched over to HBO HD. Programming on this channel, as well as HDNet and Universal HD, yielded a gray screen complemented by a (presumably enraging) message stating: "Viewing is not permitted using the TiVo Digital Media Recorder. Try another TV input." Further investigation (read: hitting the "Info" button) spilled the beans on the DRM-laden troubles, as testers were greeted by a statement declaring "regulations of the copyright holder" the villain. While the "glitch" would probably be a non-issue had TiVo included TiVo To Go on the Series3 boxes, the almighty media providers would have none of that, and currently, the problem can only be solved by swapping out your (presumably costly) HDMI-equipped receiver for another brand. Chalk another one up for the content guardians.

[Via Thomas Hawk]

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