Sure, your standard old WiFi router might serve up the internets with little hesitation, and should work just fine with the 802.11b/g Squeezebox, but if you want to crank your multimedia streaming chops up a notch, Slim Devices has teamed up with Ruckus Wireless to build a new MediaFlex multimedia router that does your generic box one better. The router includes fancy tech that purportedly will deliver "longer range and unprecedented Wi-Fi stability by directing signals over the best path through the air at any given time." We can't be certain of how these magiks are performed, but we've got a photo of their special antenna, which can be viewed after the break. The 2825 MediaFlex router is also designed to prioritize audio streaming over other traffic, so you should get a steady stream, no matter what interference or BitTorrent action may come. If you've got the smarts, and Squeezebox isn't your game, it's also possible to set video streams as a top priority, or even data if you're a torrent fiend. All of this is to ensure you can keep your media streams hic-up free, which can sometimes be rather difficult with normal WiFi routers, though it's your call as to whether to problem warrants a specialized $159 router. The MediaFlex is available now by its lonesome or as a bundle with a Squeezebox .

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