In case your time has kept on slippin' ... into the future, the November issue of EGM (and today's date) reminds us that Sony and Nintendo next-gen offerings are only a month a way; Nov. 17 and 19 respectively. With that, the gamer mag has a feature comparing PS2 and GameCube launches by the numbers to see if history can teach us anything about the launch potential of the PS3 and Wii.

PlayStation 2
  • Number of launch titles: 29
  • Average EGM review score: 71%
  • Launch pro: Diverse and high number of games
  • Launch con: Majority of launch titles were "rushed-out rubbish"
  • PS3 launch outlook: EGM believes Sony can have a successful launch depending on the final number of launch titles which is still unknown. Like everyone else, they believe availability will at least hurt the system's initial potential.
  • Number of launch titles: 10
  • Average EGM review score: 77%
  • Launch pro: "Not a lot" despite what the print mag calls above-average third-party games.
  • Launch con: Lack of games (see above) sans a big franchise
  • Wii launch outlook: $250 price, Wii Sports packed-in, and upwards of 25 launch titles including Zelda are a good thing. Third-party publisher's ability to deliver games and those searching for "next-gen" graphics may be turned off by Wii, however.
(Source: EGM)

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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