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Cellphone water detection sticker haphazardly voids warranties

Darren Murph

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Sure, nearly every carrier out there offers insurance for your phone, but reaching a fair settlement on your defunct device becomes a bit more difficult when you nonchalantly turn down the costly coverage, only to have a manufacturer's defect render your mobile useless. In an apparent attempt to bypass efforts to make phones more resistant to water seepage, certain cellphone makers have resorted to placing "water detection stickers" just within the phone's casing. These tell-tale pads turn to alternate colors if any moisture makes its way in, giving companies the perfect excuse to nullify warranties regardless of whether the malfunction was actually water-related. While we certainly imagine that waterlogged phones are among the highest claimed for replacement, this tiny sensor makes voiding a warranty an exercise in simplicity, as even a brief call while scurrying through the rain could eliminate any future coverage. While it has been said that placing a piece of "satin finish scotch tape" over the pad will forestall the colors from a-changin', just be sure to remove that extra bit of evidence before pleading your case.

[Via Gadgetopia]

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