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USBCELL batteries reviewed

Cyrus Farivar
It's not too often that you see a review of AA batteries here on Engadget. But then again, the USBCELL AA batteries aren't just your garden-variety portable cells, either. Our compadres over at TrustedReviews have just taken a set of these fine USB-chargeable batteries for a spin, and have given them a pretty favorable review. After charging a set of 'em for use with a Fuji FinePix cam, TrustedReviews found that it took over 500 snapshots for the batteries to give up. By comparison, a set of Duracell Alkaline batteries only lasted for "a few pictures." The review concludes: "For a combination of convenience and eco-friendliness then the USB Cells get the thumbs up. Once a wider range becomes available and if the price [$24 for a pair] can drop a little, then they'll could well do for batteries what USB memory sticks did for floppy discs and virtually kill them off." We can't wait to try 'em ourselves.