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Silex announces wiDock wireless iPod dock


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You know how we can't stop whining about the inexplicable lack of wireless sync on the Zune? Well, Silex Technology just filled that void for the iPod crowd with their new wiDock, so it looks like the Zune kids are just going to look that much sillier when November 14th rolls around. Of course, a WiFi dock isn't quite as exciting as the promise of free-roaming wireless sync, but we'll take what we can get. Along with synchronization, the dock lets you charge your iPod, control the unit with the Apple remote, and pipe video and audio from your computer through the dock to your home entertainment system. The wiDock features 3.5-millimeter and S-Video plugs, along with a 3.5-millimeter to RCA audio cable and some SVL software for Windows and Mac to manage your media streams. The unit is 802.11b/g compatible, which should be plenty for SD streams, and you can also hook up to a regular 10/100Base-T wired network if that's more your style. No word on price, but we should be seeing this thing hit retail shelves next week.

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