The WiFi radio market is an increasingly crowded one, but there's always room for one more if the specs are right, and Com One seems to have a decent offering in this new Phoenix IP Radio. Of course, the basic thrust of the device is PC-free internet radio, and the Phoenix delivers that just fine with its 802.11b/g WiFi, a 128 x 64 6-line display and cute little speakers. Luckily, the fun doesn't end there: the Linux-based player can manage MP3 playback off of its USB port, and can even be set up for podcasts via its web control panel -- not quite as exciting as, say, the Roku SoundBridge, but pretty good all the same. There are also 4 rechargeable batteries included for making this thing portable, if that's your style. No word on price, but we should be seeing more of this thing at CES 2007. A few live shots after the break.

Globalstar GSP-1700 satphone also loaded with EV-DO