It's Black Friday, which for many people means long lines, money lost, and war with your fellow man over this and that gadget. Hopefully not here at Engadget though, we're just gonna give some gear away. This time it's a T-Mobile Dash, just about the hottest smartphone on the US market right now. It features:
Just leave us a comment below, and later today we'll announce the winners. Oh, and do mind the rules:
P.S. -Just in case you miss your chance to win the Dash here, T-Mobile's giving one away every day through Christmas. Check it out over at T-Mobile Dash-a-Day (no relation to hack a day).

P.P.S -Oh, by the way, we were thinking of making this our last Black Friday giveaway. But if we can get to 7,000 entries on the Dash by, say, 11:00PM EST tonight we might be convinced to throw in another Nikon D40 to give away before Black Friday comes to a close. So get entering!

Wii glove -- sweaty palms be gone