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Patent shootout, late Thanksgiving edition: Microunity sues AMD


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While it's still just gearing up for its litigious battle with Opti Inc., AMD is now facing another patent challenger (to put it kindly) in the form of Microunity, The Inquirer reports, the very same company that recently took home a cool $300 million as a result of its patent dust up Intel. In this latest case, Microunity is alleging that AMD is infringing on twelve of its patents, including one for a "general purpose, multiple precision parallel operation programmable media processor," which Microunity says AMD violates in practically all of its processors, including various incarnations of the Athlon, Sempron, Turion, and Opteron. Any more exact details are a bit hard to come by at this point, but Microunity's apparently asking for a trial and an injunction for AMD to stop selling the products in question, as well as for its lawyers fees to be paid for and the always popular "enhanced damages." We'll be sure to put some coal in their stockings for ya, AMD.

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