This holiday season isn't just about the game consoles, it's about the HDTVs you're hooking them up to (assuming you're lucky enough to have the two newest). Samsung's new 46-inch HL-S4676S SlimDLP came in today, looking to take a swipe at all those flat-panel displays everybody's so hot for. How slim is SlimDLP? It was 11.5-inches thick, compared to the 14.5-inches of our "full-size" 56-inch LED DLP set (shown after the break). Ok, so that's not too slim, but for the price (under $1,500) you are getting a pretty decent sized screen with good color representation that won't pinch you too hard in the pocketbook. Loads of high res shots after the break!

Samsung HL-S4676S SlimDLP hands-on

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