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Viewsonic's V212 wireless tablet client


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Released earlier this month but slipping under our radar 'till now is this rare non-display product from Viewsonic, the V212 Wireless Tablet Client, a follow-up to the company's earlier V210 model. Like that model, the V212 is a Windows CE-based device aimed primarily at vertical markets like healthcare and sales, intended to give users remote access to files and applications stored elsewhere. Also like the earlier model, the V212 packs a 10.4-inch 800x600 touchscreen, integrated 802.11b/g, and a decided lack of storage, although Viewsonic has seen fit to add a CompactFlash slot this time 'round. In addition to vertical markets, Viewsonic's also pushing the device as a suped-up home automation controller, with support for the Z-Wave wireless protocol that'll let you turn the tablet into the world's most expensive light switch. And we do mean expensive -- $1,599 may not be much for some of the markets they're going after, but we doubt there'll be many folks picking one of these up as an alternative to a laptop or UMPC.

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