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Robotic Indiana Jones set to explore Pyramid of Cheops

Evan Blass

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Proving once again that Harrison Ford was an idiot to risk death by snake bite, blow dart, and Nazi in order to collect a few historical trinkets, archaeologists in Egypt are preparing to perform their next exploration of the Pyramid of Cheops at Giza from the comfort of an air-conditioned tent. Instead of trying to squeeze volunteer grad students or small children down the pyramid's narrow passageways, researchers from Egypt, Singapore, Britain, and Hong Kong will be using a camera-equipped robot to navigate the country's largest ancient structure when they attempt to unlock its secrets next February. A bulkier bot was employed for this same task during a similar expedition in 2002, and though it was able to drill through walls and identify a previously unknown chamber, multiple impediments prevented it from actually discovering what, if anything, lay within. It's still not clear how the newer robot will succeed where its predecessor failed -- after all, chances are slim that the pharaohs had robotic doggy doors built into their innermost sanctums -- but apparently the international team is confident that the upcoming mission has a better shot at solving this mystery. Experts are still torn over what will likely be found in the supposed resting place of Cheops himself, but after having watched a documentary on this very subject featuring Brendan Fraser, it seems pretty clear that our tomb raiding bot can expect numerous encounters with The Rock and/or killer mummies.

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