We've already seen plenty of these little guys, but Panasonic has finally busted out its first AVCHD cameras in Japan, and announced launch dates and pricepoints for a US release. Just in case you need a little refresher, AVCHD is that fancy new HD format joint-developed by Sony and Panasonic that allows for recording to solid-state storage and DVD discs. Panasonic's release covers both of those abilities, with the HDC-SD1 featuring an SDHC slot for recording of around 1 hour of 1080i on a 4GB card, while the HDC-DX1 does mini-DVDs, at about 40 minutes a pop. Both cameras feature 3CCDs and 5.1 surround sound recording via 5 built-in mics. We should be seeing these things stateside in March, with the HDC-SD1 going for $1,500 and the HDC-DX1 for $1,400.

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