A Snowman Surprise from Xbox

Last night, we received a friendly holiday greeting from Microsoft and the Xbox team. In the emailed greeting Microsoft thanks all of us for being part of the Xbox community and all that jazz, but most interesting is the piñata snowman (as seen to the right). Of course we had to click the "Crack open your gift" button, which brings you to Xbox 360 Snowman. Sweetness! We get to beat a snowman with a stick! And after whacking, whacking, and whacking you'll find yourself a little Zune deal, a link to Next Gen Now, and Clearification (what the hell is that?). Thanks Microsoft for that nice email, it gave us warm fuzzies. Time to cuddle up next to the fireplace with a big blanket and a warm cup of hot chocolate and play a good game of Geometry Wars.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.