CNN needs police escort to escape Wii-craving mob

fanboys!CNN staffer Krysten Peek experienced firsthand how fanboy desperation can quickly devolve into mob-like assault. Peek was one of the (seemingly) lucky few to score a Wii during this past weekend's re-up, but on her way to the store's exit -- just after an employee announced that all units were sold-out -- she became an easy target for the lingering crowd of Wii-less shoppers:

"Were these people crazy?? Yes, they were ... unsatisfied customers began to grab at my bag ... I was caught off guard in a game of tug-a-war when a security guard intervened and rescued me from the chaos. He took me outside. And the crowd followed."

It wasn't until security flagged down a cop car and tucked Peek inside that the CNN hand escaped certain danger. Or so it would seem. Now they know her name. How long before they discover where Ms. Peek lives?

This article was originally published on Joystiq.