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i-mate's JAQ3 previewed


If you hadn't noticed, we had a bit of a time opening our hearts to i-mate's JAQ monstrosity, which is why we're glad i-mate didn't take too terribly long to procure a followup. The phoneArena kids have gotten ahold of the slick new JAQ3, which keeps all that is right with Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC edition in this for factor, but shaves off a few pounds from its frumpy progenitor. Turns out the keyboard ain't too shabby either, and with welcome design perks like a jog dial and hugemongous d-pad, there's a lot more going for this phone than just size. Oddly enough, size might still be the major beef with this thing, since the 2.55-inch display and a well-spaced QWERTY keyboard don't help for skimping on volume too terribly much -- even if the phone looks svelte in comparison to the JAQ. Still, this new-and-improved phone should do plenty for the Pocket PC candybar faithful for now, and if not there's always that JAQ4 right around the corner.

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