Around his time last year the world received the Mobile Tsunami Detector, however, this Christmas season seems to be all about Earthquakes. For those of us not sporting white lab coats but still hoping to be in the know, there is Koban's "Super Multifunctional Earthquake Detecting Device." One part earthquake detector, many parts survival tool, this waterproof gadget features an LED flashlight, AM/FM radio, multiple phone chargers (Japan specific), and panic siren. It also has a hand-crank for those in a jam who neglectfully forgot to charge it. Though we are a bit skeptical on how it works, it claims to detect a "seismic intensity of 4" -- ironic, considering that people can feel earthquakes as small as magnitude 2. Despite this, it does provide the basic technologies you need in an emergency and is available for 6,648¥ ($56).

[Via Crave]

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