New Year's Resolutions

2007 is about to be upon us, along with The Burning Crusade. With the World of Warcraft able to suck up large portions of our lives, I figure it might be an idea to make some New Year's resolutions for my virtual selves. Of course, in setting out to make resolutions I have to be acutely aware that in the real world I almost never keep them or achieve my goals. Will my commitments to life in Azeroth meet the same fate?

Here are some of my resolutions - what are yours going to be? Any little things you didn't get done with your characters in 2006 that you'd like to see happen in 2007?

  • Level up a Draenei (mage or hunter) to 70
  • Get my existing 60s (rogue, hunter, paladin, priest, and soon a warrior) to 70
  • Play in the PvP games at least 1 evening a week, just to stay sharp
  • Be a valuable and contributing member to the guilds I'm part of
  • Help a newbie at least once a month
  • Get a piece (or 3) of Tier 5 gear

Your turn!