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Asustek's XG Station brings external audio, video processing to laptops


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Deets are slim, but we like where this is headed. Asustek is prepping its new "XG Station" for next week's CES, which will provide external audio and video processing power to laptops, plus a spiffy volume knob and car stereo look-alike visuals. With laptops getting ever slimmer -- and we're sure this year's batch at CES won't be breaking that mold -- discrete graphics cards are getting to be quite the space-hogging luxury. The XG Station helps out on that front, plus throws in some Dolby surround sound and USB 2.0 ports. No word on how exactly this thing will hook up to you lappy, or if it's some sort of Asus-only operation, but PCMCIA/ExpressCard compatibility seems like a reasonable guess at this point. Luckily, we won't have to wait too terribly long to find out.

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