Taiwanese Luxpro Corp is suing Apple for a cool 100 million dollars. Luxpro, which was sued by Apple back in 2005 for making the Tangent line of iPod knock-offs, is now suing Apple after a Taiwanese court's ruling on behalf of Apple was overturned. Following all this? Luxpro created the Tangent, a cheap iPod ripoff. Apple sued Luxpro. Apple won. Luxpro appealed. Luxpro won on appeal. Luxpro is now suing Apple. They say they want to be paid for their losses during the time that the injunction held. Apparently, the Tangent may not even be all that bad of a music player. The Make Blog gave it a pretty good review even though an iPodlounge review hated it. It plays MP3 and WMA and has a FM tuner. It's practically a Zune!

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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