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Asus W5Fe SideShow laptop hands-on

Ryan Block, @ryan

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We heard about the official announcement just a couple of hours ago, but we already got our hands on that new Asus W5Fe laptop that features SideShow. The first thing we went in for was (obviously) the SideShow auxiliary display, and we are happy to report it's a lot lower profile than we thought it'd be. That said, we've seen Sideshow units embedded into laptop lids without any raised plastics whatsoever, so any humpbacked growths are kind of unacceptable. It's light, but not quite as light as we'd have hoped for a 12-inch laptop -- it's certainly got some bulk -- but it's a solid feeling machine that will go nicely with your Vista install and the SideShow's a nice bonus. The jury may be out on what kinds of apps this particular install has going for it (it only had widgets for a media player, stripped down email reader, and battery gauge), but that'll undoubtedly change with time.

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