Finally, there is some word about when Buena Vista's blockbuster hits Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars is coming to Blu-ray and we are please to tell you that it's not to far off. Every time the studio has announcements, we hold our breaths only to let out a sigh of disappointment when nether of the flicks are mentioned but come May of '07, Captain Jack will be on our HDTVs via both the Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest. Cars is [hopefully] coming later this year but the title isn't yet slotted into this released time table. There are more former hit titles coming from the studio such as, Chicken Little and Finding Neverland coming out on March 20; King Arthur Director's Cut and G.I. Jane on April 3; Con Air, Crimson Tide, and The Rock coming out on June 8, and The Recruit, Open range and the fore mentioned Cars slotted for sometime within the year. Hopefully, once the studio releases their first Pixar movie, Cars, on the format, we will see more coming.

Click on for the rest of the studios '07 worldwide releases. These plans include a huge European push with 21 schedule titles verses North Americans paltry 13 and Asia lackluster 12.
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