Gary Shapiro, president of the Consumer Electronics Association, and Ed Zander, CEO of Motorola, are doing the honors for this morning's keynote address to CES attendees.

8:41AM PST - The keynote has kicked off with a video detailing the forty years since the first CES.

8:43AM - Gary Shapiro takes the stage.

8:45AM - CES is about "New Convergence" this year: convergence of content, services, and products.

8:51AM - Must help consumers understand the new convergence; CEA's parternship with CNET, broadcast, and cable are a part of that. Band "3 Doors Down" helps consumers understand the audio experience.

8:55AM - Because good content is often rewarded with fame and fortune (including consumer-generated content), we'll see an ever-expanding array of content choices.

8:56AM - Though it shuns commercial piracy, CEA believes that consumers have rights -- lawfully-acquired content should be fair game if kept within the home.

8:58AM - Ordinary consumers are not pirates -- pushes

8:59AM - Introduces Ed Zander, points out that Motorola exhibited in the very first CES forty years ago.

9:04AM - Ed Zander takes the stage. "Mobile ME: Internet goes Airborne."

9:06AM - Jokes that the gargantuan Dynatac 8000 is being reintroduced.

9:09AM - "It's no longer the device... it's your persona."

9:10AM - "Three big thoughts: everything becomes digital, everything gets connected, broadband/IP becomes ubiquitous."

9:12AM - 10-second wireless downloads of MP3s in 1-2 years via WiMAX and LTE.

9:14AM - Motorola working on a dynamo and holster for bicycles that can be used to charge phones in emerging markets.

9:16AM - Announces partnership with Yahoo.

9:17AM - Introduces Marco Boerries from Yahoo.

9:18AM - Introduces Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 with oneSearch, mobile-optimized search. Working woth Motorola to integrate software with new phones.

9:21AM - oneSearch is location-aware, showing local businesses associated with search keywords.

9:24AM - Talks up Yahoo! Go's Flickr widget.

9:26AM - Beta available today from, compatibility with 400+ phones by end of year. Will be proloaded on many new phones.

9:29AM - Zander returns to keynote. Discussing easier ways to get music on and off phones. Showing ROKR E6. Introduces Chris White, Motorola Multimedia Experiences.

9:30AM - Shows MODOACTV A2DP headset. Contains microphone and phone controls. Ships first half '07.

9:32AM - Talking up partnership with Kodak for Bluetooth printing.

9:34AM - New partnership with Warner Music to "recreate music experience of '70s and '80s" with interesting new packaging and information on emerging artists packaged with phones.

9:35AM - "Experience Pack" offers additional information about the artist; wallpapers, bios, etc.

9:36AM - Introduces MOTORIZR Z6 slider, Linux-based, Windows Media DRM, allows users to create playlists with music purchased from multiple online sources.

9:39AM - Available first half of '07.

9:41AM - Turns attention to enterprise. Danny Shader, Good Technologies comes out.

9:43AM - Shows Q with Good replacing Pocket Outlook.

9:46AM - Announces partnership with NewsGator to integrate corporate news feeds into Good software.

9:50AM - Danny Shader exists, Zander resumes. Turns attention to home. Dan Moloney, Motorola Connected Home Solutions comes out.

9:52AM - Talks up ability to restart shows from their beginnings using Motorola DVRs.

9:54AM - Motorola "FollowMeTV" technology - placeshifting from Motorola DVRs.

9:55AM - FollowMe includes photos and music in addition to TV programming. Also follows to phones. Verizon launched last year, Comcast will be launching this year.

9:58AM - Shows mobile remote software on a RAZR, allows the set-top box to be programmed for recording remotely. Operators will be able to push targeted ads to phones based on what the user is recording.

10:01AM - Shows live video on a Q being placeshifted from an IP set-top box in San Diego.

10:02AM - Moloney finishes, Zander returns. Wrapping up.

And that's it! More on Motorola's new products throughout the week.

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