We know this Samsung isn't that Samsung Roc says, "more on that later," but some things are better than nothing, right? Enter in the latest addition to their low-tier handset lineup, the Samsung U340. Now there isn't a lot to write home about, but this device has all the standard goodies like a VGA camera, an internal 65,000 TFT display, an external greyscale display, speakerphone, and a feature called I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) which allows access to a limited contact menu when the phone is locked. Look for the device to release on February 2nd with the following pricing: $149.99 on full retail, $79.99 on a one year, and $29.99 on a two year. Roc even says that there will be an exclusive offer for online activations / renewals making the device free after instant rebate.

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