Halo 3 Beta invite guaranteed in every 'initial' copy of Crackdown [update 1]

golden tickets for all!While previous sources have stated otherwise, IGN claims to have received information from an unnamed Microsoft rep who has confirmed that every copy of Crackdown will include an invitation to Halo 3 Beta. If you're not interested in Crackdown, playing Halo 2 (you do own a copy of Halo 2, right?) for a few hours is still the best way -- and only other way -- to gain access to the beta. But it's good to know that a golden ticket, albeit an expensive one (if you plan to throw away the "chocolate bar"), will be sitting on the shelf at the local retailer, accessible at your leisure.

Microsoft sent along word that "every copy in the initial shipment" of Crackdown will have the download code for Halo 3 Beta. Each box will be specially marked. Microsoft did not specify how large the initial shipment would be. Don't cancel those pre-orders just yet...

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This article was originally published on Joystiq.