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Tomato's 2GB mini flash player... and e-book reader


Hey, if a US company can call themselves "Apple," then why not "Tomato" in Korea? That's right, Tomato is back with a new DAP. And just like Apple, Tomato is using the word "mini" to describe their product offering; in this case, a 512MB/1GB/2GB flash player measuring in at 7x27x12-mm and 15-grams. It features 10-hours of playback and tiny OLED display with get this, "e-book" support. Are they kidding!? Whatevs, they've got a ways to go before they ketchup to the design shops of Apple and so many others. Expect the 512MB model to hit for 39,000KRW ($42), 1GB for 59,000KRW ($63), and 2GB for 79,000KRW ($85) -- cheap, on all accounts.


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