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Crackdown disc required to play Halo 3 Beta

David Dreger

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On Monday, we showed you a screenshot of the Halo 3 Beta download screen in retail copies of Crackdown. Today, we have a picture of the invite card, which confirms how the process works. In short, you need to have the Crackdown game in your Xbox 360 to play the Halo 3 Beta. It does NOT show up in your "Demos and More" tab on the dashboard after downloading it through Crackdown. This coincides with the original press release, which stated you had to load the game to download the beta. Check out the invite card after the break.

So there you go, a "Play Halo 3 Beta" option in the Main Menu will be your only gateway if you downloaded the Beta through Crackdown. That means you can't just rent it to download and go about your merry way. We're glad we could make this as clear as possible so there is no confusion come February 20th.

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