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FishCam gives anglers an edge, purists irate

Darren Murph

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No, underwater cameras used to see precisely what that about-to-be-caught bass are doing underwater aren't new, but we'd guess the argument suggesting that it ruins all fun in the sport has been going on ever since someone originally conjured the idea. Nevertheless, the FishCam does what several other devices on the market already do, and aside from giving you a proverbial cheat code to nab unlimited sea creatures, it also allows anglers to "store the images on a DVD," which should prove useful in adding a dash of truthfulness (or eliminate the fibs) to those "ones that got away" tales. As expected, traditionalists don't seem to appreciate the device all that much, and while novices could very well get a bit more line action using this device, it'll cost you a stiff £185 ($365) in order to do so.

[Via Spluch, photo courtesy of Sun]

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