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DataWind shows off PocketSurfer 2 at 3GSM

Ryan Block, @ryan

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We were still hoping some day soon we might get our hands on the vaguely vaporous original 2004 PocketSurfer, but apparently DataWind has finally jumped to the sequel with their new PocketSurfer 2. Demoed live at 3GSM today (sorry folks, they only supplied a render), the new PocketSurfer not only has a slimmer physique, it's also finally gotten its own cellular radio, too. (Aww, isn't that special.) They didn't mention which kind, but apparently DadaWind will hook you up with a free unit if you show up at 3GSM and load a page on your mobile device faster than they can with their PocketSurfer 2. Tomorrow we might just have to take them up on their little offer.

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