The infiltration of text messaging these days is astounding, and after years of being way behind our European counterparts, us Yanks are mosying up to SMS like never before -- to the tune of billions of text messages a month in the U.S. But let's talk about love -- is it coming into its own regarding the text messaging game? You bet -- and all those XOXOXOXO messages are starting to pop up on more and more phones these days. In fact, 33% of people surveyed say they will communicate with their date or significant other in 2007 via text messages, while is a very decent increase of over 6% from last year. Of course, mobile carriers want to capitalize on this, so at&t wants to know how all those text messages have affected the love lives of all its subscribers -- so it commissioned a survey, naturally. Main survey findings? Well, here's a few highlights: 6% of survey respondents have judged a prospective date based on the phone they use and 8% of this survey's respondents say that they've ended a relationship over rude or offensive "wireless behavior."