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Century's Dolphin waterproof MP3 player


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Wrap an MP3 player in a silicone tube held secure with cable-ties and what do you get? Well, if you're Japan's Century then you've got yourselves a waterproof MP3 player dubbed the Dolphin. Ok, the player does carry an IPX7 Ingress protection rating which means it really is waterproof (not just splash-proof) up to a depth of about 1 meter -- ideal for laps around the Coral Key Park & Marine Preserve. Inside, the Dolphin packs 1GB of flash, USB 2.0, and support for MP3/WMA playback off 8-hour battery. Looks aside, at ¥12,800 (about $107) -- which includes a pair of unusually decent looking waterproof headphones -- it'll save you a healthy chunk-o-change compared to the $250 waterproof iPod shuffle we showed you last week.

[Via Impress]

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