We just love cellphone names with "Elle" in them, like this Elle Glamphone from the recent past. This newer Glamphone Nº3 slider above -- we guess -- is meant to denote a hot degree of perkiness maybe -- but we'll pass on that. This rather normal but "glammy" handset will be offered by Alcatel soon, with its curvy slider looks having been to the paint factory for all those off-primary colors --orange, pink, purple, white and yellow-green. Onboard is a 1.3 megapixel shooter (now the norm) and of course an unspecified color screen and MP3 player functionality. For the cheeky factor, you get a rather tauty necklace for hanging that Bluetooth headset around your neck. Plus, you get a steel charm on that beauty. Aww.

[Via Textually.org]

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