Nintendo says Sony has a "Mii-too" approach

Goodness! Using Mii as a pun... again, it'll never get old, using these words in ways clearly not the actual spelling, but pronounced phonetically the same as the actual word! Sorry, sorry... anyway, while GDC may be over, we're not finished reporting on it yet. This is in reference to Nintendo's response to the announcement of PlayStation HOME. Nintendo stated, "This is an example of Sony's "Mii-too" approach. But as Mr. Miyamoto states, Nintendo years ago considered and rejected the type of approach Sony is now taking." Which, we assume, means a virtual world.

We've got to admit: the idea of PlayStation HOME isn't an completely original idea in concept (Sims, Second Life, actual life, Miis), but the execution of it is going to be something fresh to that "fake life" genre. Nintendo may say that Sony is taking a "Mii-too" approach, but Nintendo took their approach from already existing ideas, too. You know why they did that? Because they're good ideas. Good ideas deserve props. So, props to both Nintendo and Sony for good ideas! We have to wonder, though... will Microsoft hop on this bandwagon or keep what finely-tuned service they already have?

This article was originally published on Joystiq.