smoking is bad, kidsDuring the official God of War II launch party in San Francisco last night, game director Cory Barlog spoke briefly about the franchise's future on PSP -- and spoke vaguely about the eventual sequel on PlayStation 3. Here's the bullet-point roundup of details scooped by 1UP:

God of War on PSP (untitled):
  • ReadyAtDawn developing (as speculated)
  • Not a port; Barlog: "It is its own story that connects to the overall story" -- but where that story fits into the overall story arch was not discussed; Barlog does say, "I want the PSP version to not feel like the PSP version ... it's just as big. It's just as epic. It's God of War." Grrrrrr!
  • Original level design (but the game might revisit familiar areas); Barlog: "We're not reusing any levels. We're not doing any of that stuff. It's all original content."
  • Replacement for PS2's right-analogue dodge/roll control is still being worked out; devs are considering a toggle function
  • No confirmation of PS2 or PS3 connectivity; ReadyAtDawn did create a connectivity feature for Daxter (with Jak X: Combat Racing); Barlog on possible PS Home tie-in: "Home was in development [during GoW2], but nobody really on our development team was knowledgeable about it, so there wasn't much we could do about it."
  • No explicit hints of PSP game in God of War II bonus disc content; Barlog: "No, I'm smart. We took out any references to stuff we don't want out yet ... But there are some things in there that may relate to a future game if we do it..."

God of War on PS3 ("God of War 3" unconfirmed):

  • Franchise will be in 1080p with SixAxis (motion) and vibration functions
  • Barlog on PSN support: "We do want to have support for the network platform -- I think it's huge. And I'm looking at a lot of stuff right now that if I do end up doing anything with 3, I want to utilize that."
  • Barlog on co-op: "Does co-op have a place in God of War? If we can do something unique with it, yeah, but it is really an early exploration of that in my head really. It's not even a discussion with the team."
  • Barlog on episodic content: "I think the game's way too big. There are too many art assets."
  • Barlog on embracing 'Game 3.0': "User created levels for God of War -- I don't think it's a realistic proposition."
Check out 1UP's liveblog post for complete details of the launch event and exclusive interview with Barlog.

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