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BlueBird's BM-500 Pocket PC debuts at CeBIT

Brian White

If you're in Germany this week and have a chance to hit the CeBIT show, you may be able to peep the new BlueBird BM-500 WM Smartphone (yes, it's Windows Mobile 5-based). This bar handset -- part of the PIDION line -- features a rather nice 2.8 inch touch-screen, EV-DO data speeds, built-in 802.11b WiFi, Bluetooth, the now-standard 1.3 megapixel cam and the less-often used miniSD card slot. Changes we'd make? Get microSD in there and dump the miniSD, upgrade that cam to 2 megapixels and get WM6 in there. Seriously -- WM5? The older BM-200 and BM-300 had this way back when. Come on now; WM5 is so January 2007.


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