Hammer's new myshare NAS shares 2TB on home networks

If your motley collection of home PCs demands a copious amount of shared storage, Hammer has a solution for you. The new myshare NAS offers anwhere from 320GB to 2TB of storage, and can support PCs of the Windows, Mac and Linux persuasion without a hitch. There's also a built-in web server for getting at your files remotely. A pair of USB ports allows you to share printers and external storage devices, and RAID modes include stripe, mirror and span. There's only room for two 3.5-inch SATA drives in here, meaning the 2TB edition is based off of two 1TB drives. If that's too extreme for you, you can get a 1TB (2X 500GB) myshare for $500, or hit up one of the many other configurations. If you decide to go 2TB, you'll have to wait until August, but the other versions should be shipping now.