NEC launches lightweight Versa S3200 for the biz crowd

It's pretty hard to get fired up about business notebooks, and NEC isn't doing itself any favors with new 13.3-inch Versa S3200's press kit, which fails to note any of the important specs but gives two mentions to what must be a pretty snazzy 1.3 megapixel webcam. The other main draws here, apparently, are a DVD super-multi drive and total weight of 1.96 kilograms (4.32 pounds), although the latter feature may be due to a lack of processor, hard drive, or any RAM. All we can do is speculate about the rest of these features, and using the year-old 14.1-inch Versa S5200 (pictured) as a reference, we're gonna assume that the S3200 rocks low to medium end Core 2 Duo chips, integrated graphics, and probably around 80GB / 1GB of hard drive capacity and RAM, respectively. No word on pricing either -- surprise, surprise -- but at least we know that you'll be able to get your hands on this either feature-packed or feature-deprived model starting next month.

[Via PC Launches]