FASA talks Shadowrun's take on teamwork

Bill Fulton, a Game Designer at FASA, put up a blog entry at IGN discussing the implementation of teamwork in Shadowrun. He goes on to discuss the interdependent dynamic of the races and how a team requires a proper balance of Elves, Trolls, Humans and Dwarves to perform well. He then touches on the communication aspect, and the measures at which FASA went in order to help keep your teammates informed on what's going on. The Situational Awareness system is really handy for those who can't verbalize that tactical information efficiently, or better yet, help those out who aren't using a headset. Finally, he touches on the money aspect of the game, going into detail about how players are rewarded and penalized for their team based actions. For his full entry, click the "Read" link below.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.