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Where's the digital jewel case?

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Physical media may be on its long way out, but if Cover Flow has taught us anything, it's that having album art is still a crucial part of experiencing records. We definitely missed the big, bold album art of 12-inch vinyl when we made the jump to CD, but living in digital audio has only recently started to get decent in last couple of years, between devices with larger color displays and automatic cover art downloads in Windows Media Player and iTunes. So what's the next generation? Ironic Sans proposes the digital jewel case, a throwback to simpler times when we bought all our music on easily scratched plastic discs that came with colorful paper inserts. The scary thing is we'd totally buy one, provided it did all the things we're still missing, like display liner notes, lyrics, album art, and everything else in the CD insert. It'd also have to serve as a controller for the music, naturally, but we'll take what we can get for now. So, who's going to standardize the album art / insert digital format?

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