Link smiles upon knife, dagger, and shield Wiimote accessories

Pfft, and you thought your Sharp Shooter Wiimote accessory was hot stuff? Unfortunately, even remnants of Duck Hunt can't hold a candle to the trio of "full-size" Zelda props for your precious Wiimote, as the sword, dagger, and shield (shown after the jump) all do a fair job of mimicking the ones used in Twilight Princess. Of course, swapping them out in mid-game might not prove entirely efficient, but slicing and dicing your enemies could indeed become a whole lot more enjoyable when you're actually cutting through the air. Best of all, the entire set rings up at just $27.51, and while we're not in any position to judge the quality of construction, it's pretty safe to say that this is one instance where we'd certainly bring a knife (or two) to a gunfight.

[Via VideoGamesBlogger]