Behold, Apple's mammoth, sprawling NAB booth. Ready to show off all the pro apps it announced yesterday, the Apple complex came complete with two demo theaters, dozens of demo kiosks, a few octo-core Mac Pros (which we finally got our hands on for a hands-on -- not that it looks any different), and a small army of black-clad employees ready to school you in the ways of pro media production. We asked for a Compressor 3 demo showing off the octo-Pro's multithreaded rendering, and while the demo didn't actually successfully wrap, we did get to see those eight cores burn through a bit of HD encoding right quick. Also, be sure to check out Apple's massive, 40 Xserve RAID equipped demo media SAN -- it's almost too much aluminum-clad enterprise gear.

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8-core Mac Pro hands-on, Apple NAB booth tour

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