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BlackBerry 8800 hits T-Mobile on Monday

Chris Ziegler

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AT&T may have had first dibs, but all told, the wait T-Mobile peeps will have had to endure won't be that bad at all. The T-Mobile-branded BlackBerry 8800 hits the nation's number four carrier this coming Monday, April 23, bringing Pearl-like style to the more traditional (read: non-SureType) form factor preferred by many. Just like its AT&T sibling, T-Mobile's 8800 will obviously top out with EDGE data on all four GSM bands and offer microSD expansion, a media player, Bluetooth 2.0, full HTML web browsing, and a variety of instant messaging clients. Unlike other 8800s, though, T-Mobile's offers myFaves support -- a decidedly personal feature for a decidedly business-oriented handset, we reckon (not to suggest we're complaining, of course). Look for it Monday through "select channels" including the carrier's website; no word yet on when it'll be a commodity item in brick-and-mortar stores.

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