If your enterprise disks aren't spinning at 15,000 rpm these days then you'd better step, son. Hitachi just announced their Ultrastar 15k300 (pictured left) which is, as you've probably already surmised, a 300GB disk chugging away at 15,000rpm. the 3.5-inch drive with 3.6-ms average seek time can be slung from Ultra320 SCSI, 3Gb/s SAS, or 4Gb/s FCAL interfaces in your mission-critical computing racks. Also announced is Hitachi's first small form factor (SFF) drive, the C10K147 (pictured center). This 2.5-inch, 147GB, 3Gb/s SAS disk is meant to assist data centers with cutting space and power consumption. The 15K300 is available now while the C10K147 will be delivered sometime later this quarter. Oh, in case you're wondering, that biggie drive on the right is the enterprise version (A7K1000) of their 1TB 7K1000 monster previously constrained to the desktop.

[Via Impress]

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