DigiPen Institute of Technology has unveiled most of the student games created for the 2007 academic year. Nearly two dozen projects will available by the end of the month covering a wide range of styles -- from space shooters, to puzzlers and the popular "riding a motorcycle in medieval times" genre.

Unfortunately the most interesting games are still unavailable, but with just a few days left in the month, the wait will be short:
  • Bossinabox - a fast-paced arcade-style shooter based on the idea that boss fights are awesome. Your goal is to annihilate the boss as he splits into an army of minibosses.
  • Empyreal Nocturne - a third-person aerial action game in which you combat enormous flying monsters by commanding a legion of birds.
  • Gigoon - a 3D, third-person action game in which the player takes control of a giant monster rampaging through the tropical city of Rio De Janeiro
  • PHLOP - a 3D physics-based puzzle game that asks the player to manipulate simple objects to create complex device in order to complete the puzzle.
  • RydenStryke - a third person action game set in medieval times where the player gets to control a character from the future on a motorcycle.
A well-respected school with game developers, DigiPen's student projects have turned more than a few heads over the years. The team behind Narbacular Drop was snatched up by Valve, and the group behind the block-tossing Toblo have gained a lot of attention for their project.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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