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Air Force taps Microvision to develop wearable displays


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HMDs may be slow to catch on with the general public (despite some companies best efforts), but the U.S. Air Force certainly seems to be sold on them, awarding Microvision a $3.2 million contract to build 'em some custom gear. Under the deal, the company is promising to deliver a "lightweight, see-through, full-color eyewear display prototype" that's a good deal more "wearable" than some of the displays now in use (as seen above). Eventually, the company says the displays will be as small as protective eyewear or "high-fashion sunglasses." Not surprisingly, the company also foresees a few advantageous side-effects to the deal, saying that it won't only accelerate the available of displays for the military, but for consumer, industrial and medical markets as well.

[Via I4U News]

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