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Party Timer clock tells you how rockin' your rave actually is

Darren Murph

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Make no mistake, adorning your party with gadgetry that not only amps up the atmosphere but simultaneously exalts your geekness is no new trend, but the Party Timer clock / informative display takes ubiquitous party monitoring to a new dimension. The LED-packed device sports a fairly attractive enclosure and simply displays the time whenever work has got you down, but if any of the internal ambient noise sensors start recognizing sustained levels of increasing sound, it can switch into its own zoot suit and give your guests the skinny. While in Party Mode, the clock morphs into an informative display that shows No Party when there's no sustained noise above ten decibels, but for eight additional ranges, the device flips through Romantic Party (11 to 20 db), Talking Party (21 to 50 db), Lite Party (52 to 70 db), Music Party (71 to 90 db), Dance Party (91 to 100 db), Club Party (101 to 120 db), Mega Party (a dangerous 121 to 160 db), and if you're still alive to notice, Atom Party shows up when things get pegged above 161 db. Click on through for a few closeups of this rave must-have.

[Via Gearlog]

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