Nokia gets Mac-friendly with Media Transfer Beta

iSync's all well and good for the basics, but until now, Mac users have been left without a factory-supported option for transferring the good stuff -- music, pics, and apps -- from their phones to their computers and back. Enter Media Transfer, which (as the name implies) readily handles transfers between Macs and a variety of Nseries handsets via USB or Bluetooth. iTunes (only DRM-free files, including iTunes Plus), pictures, and video are all supported; the software tries to convert pretty much anything you can throw at it into a format your phone will support. Hit the link to see if the Nokia of your choice is compatible during the don't-blame-us-if-it's-buggy beta period, but be forewarned: if you don't sport an Nseries, don't even bother, 'cause your device ain't in the list yet (we're looking straight at you, E62 owners).