Eventually an HD format will replace DVD

HD DVD vs Blu-raySometimes after reading an article you find yourself wondering how it's related to the headline. While this article over at MovieWeb is one of them, we tend to agree; eventually DVDs will be replaced by an HD format. The reason is simple, all the players in both competing formats can play DVDs. Previous formats can't say the same: LD, VHS, and Beta were all very incompatible with each other. Eventually either HD DVD or Blu-ray players will be so inexpensive that consumers won't even consider a regular ol' DVD player. Sure, this is some time off, and by then downloadable content may be more of an option, but all those old DVDs aren't going anywhere. In a few years when mom's old player goes out and she's forced to buy a new one, she'll probably pick up an HD version and not even know it.