The Joystiq Weekend: June 23 - 24, 2007

The Prince of All Cosmos sporting his Katamari music player, found by Flickr user nuzz -- "not my doing, but hilarious," he writes. We didn't fare too much better in our admittedly brief search, but we did stumble upon an iRoll button with a similar image. It's green like Xbox, but that's probably just a coincidence. Check out the highlights for the weekend:

Podcast Rodeo for June 24: E.A.R.
Today's chowiest video: John Woo and Chow Yun-Fat in Stranglehold
Today's shootingest video: Quake Wars
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: winning formula edition

Dale Earnhardt Jr. signs endorsement contract with Sony
New Time Crisis 4 screenshots, Guncon 3 pics
Sonic the Hedgehog turns 16
Devil May Cry anime hits the web
Jaffe's warehouse pics possible studio space in Utah
Austin Powers available free on Xbox Live
Chun Li cries the pain of loss away
Boston Globe: Wii puts violence in motion
Blue Dragon ad campaign wins Cannes award
DS games at Toys R Us are buy 2 get 1 free this week
The Darkness delayed for Euro PS3 until July 20
Metroid Prime 3 details emerge from Play magazine
Addiction experts: Video games aren't an addiction

Rumors & Speculation
Manhunt 2 controversy may boost sales

Culture & Community
Postal designer speaks out on Manhunt 2 bans
The anomaly of Nancy Drew games
Gamespot changes review system, adds 'medals'
DIY pixel art T-shirts

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