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ETRI develops senior sensor system to detect falls


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Korea's Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute recently announced that it's developed a new sensor system for seniors designed to detect falls -- for times when your "smart" brace doesn't work, we suppose. While similar systems have been around for a while, ETRI's does appear to boast a few notable advantages, largely due to its dependence on tried and true cellphone technology. That allows a series of calls to be set in motion at the first sign of trouble, the first going to the senior in question to check if there actually is a problem, with the hospital's emergency center and the person's family then notified if there is. What's more, the system is also equipped with GPS, allowing the person in peril to be easily located. Eventually, the researchers say the system could be adapted for use with any cellphone, or simply take advantage of the Internet if the senior is wearing it in a nursing home or hospital. Look for it to be available sometime next year.

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